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World on Wednesday

Tutor: Murray Cox

If you have an interest in current affairs and like to discuss the substantial topics in depth, this group could suit you. We cover politics, the economy and social issues.   A preparation guide is distributed a week in advance containing a general description of the topic and some suggested areas for keen members to research.  On the day an article is read togehter in the 'reading circle' format to ensure that all present can focus on the same material, followed by an open-ended discussion.  The group process works its magic when everyone is included and their veiws are respected. 

A sample of the political topics we discussed in 2016 include: fixed four year terms in federal parliament. Mass migration into Europe; 2015 jihadists attacks in Paris;  the life and writing of Ayaan Hirshi Ali. Nuclear energy: Hiroshima 1945, Fukushima 2011.  Donald Trump; Brexit; the return of Pauline Hanson. China and Russia in a new alliance; China appropriating territory in international waters in the South China Sea.  Perth public transport system.  

The economy featured in areas such as: 2016 federal budget; container deposit scheme and plastics in the ocean.

Social issues we discussed:  narcissism; juvenile detention; anti-vaccination campaigns.  The pre-war generations; demographics of the baby boomers; attitudes to retirement; attitudes to ageing; caring for the community; futile medical treatments.  "From Gutenberg to digital"; children relying excessively on digital devices; fragmentation of the news media.  Journalism:  fact, opinion, advocacy or commodity?

World on Wednesday offers a unique opportunity for a small group of people to meet regularly and explore current affairs. The setting is both structured and spontaneous, informative and enjoyable.

This group is suitable for students with all levels of language ability. Access to a computer will be a distinct advantage.


Level 1, Trinity Arcade, 72 St George's Tce, Perth WA 6000

Phone: 08 9483 1333