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Theatrical Dance

Tutor: Satima Flavell

What is meant by ‘theatrical dance’?
Theatrical Dance covers classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz ballet, musical theatre and any other kind of dance such as folk dancing or ballroom dancing that is adapted to the stage.

What kinds of things are taught in the classes?
A typical class lasts an hour and half. We start with ballet-based exercises performed with and without support, followed by a short session of stretching exercises on the floor. (BYO yoga mat or similar!) The last part of the class is devoted to learning steps from various dance styles and combining them into dances.

What are the benefits of taking classes?
There are many benefits. If you work conscientiously you are likely to notice improvements in:

But ballet is difficult! Do we have to dance on our toes?
No, we don’t dance on our toes. Nor do we do deep knee bends or big jumps. This specially created syllabus focuses on gaining the above benefits while having fun and staying safe.

Am I likely to hurt myself?
If you take it step by step and know your own limits, injury is unlikely. Of course, as with any other form of exercise, you should check with your doctor before starting classes.

What do people wear to class?
Tights and T-shirt are fine. You will need soft-soled, flexible shoes. Students who enjoy the classes enough to continue on an ongoing basis are encouraged to buy soft ballet shoes. New ones are expensive, but now and then they turn up in second-hand shops. In hot weather it is wise to bring wet wipes and a towel, and some people like to wear a headband. (Yes, you can expect to work up a sweat, so keep up your fluid intake!)

Can anybody join in?
The classes are intended for people who had a few years dance training earlier in life and have always wanted to take it up again. If you have no dance training at all, try to start at Summer School or Winter School, when the classes are geared to beginners. If there are sufficient enrolments, beginners classes may continue in normal term-times.

Who is the tutor? Is she properly qualified?
The classes are run by Satima Flavell, who has over forty years’ experience as performer and teacher. Satima holds an Associate Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) from WAAPA.

What the tutor expects from her students:
Satima will expect you to attend class regularly, to do a little practice at home if at all possible and (also if possible) to attend other classes that have similar aims in the fitness field. Yoga provides excellent cross-training for dance, as do Pilates and gym work – and, of course, other dance classes are valuable, too. Satima also expects you to behave as well in this class as you would in an academic course, by arriving on time, paying attention, working hard at the exercises and dances, and refraining from talking while class is in progress.


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